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Big O Events Registration and Waiver 

By hitting the submit button below I certify that:_______________________

- I am at least 21 years old  
- I am not a reporter, nor work for any publication, radio or television station and am not obtaining information for public release or expose without written consent from the event organizers.

I understand:_______      _________________________________________

- The nature of these events are provided to MEET other people interested in engaging in an alternative lifestyle. This is in no way solicitation for sexual behavior.

- NO means NO and that I will not pursue uninterested parties.

- Inappropriate behavior is NOT allowed and will not be tolerated at the establishments where the events are held.

- No sexual behavior will be permitted beyond the your personal hotel room. 

- PROPER ATTIRE IS REQUIRED IN ALL PUBLIC PLACES AT THE VENUE. (i.e. hallways, outside, patio, and pool area)

- If I engage in any physical activity while attending the events, I do so at my own risk and hold Big O Events or any of its agents harmless.  This includes without limitation any activity, physical or otherwise while at the event venue or its outside property.

 - I further agree to hold harmless for any results that occur anytime after attending this function.

- The cover charge is non-refundable and non-transferable.

- Wrist bands are to be worn at all times, re-admittance will be denied without a wrist band.  Replacement bands are $10.

- Big O Events reserves the right to refuse registration to this site and entrance to events to anyone as they deem necessary and that failure to abide any of the above will result in being asked to leave the event without refund, log in removal rights from this site and entrance to future events may be denied.


Single Males MUST have a PAID profile on a lifestyle website such as Lifestyle Lounge or Swing Lifestyle with a fully filled out profile and a face photo available for viewing. 

All information you supply below will only be used for identification purposes in regards to the statements above and will not be shared with anyone outside this site or its event agents.

By hitting submit below I agree to the terms of this agreement and acknowledge that I fully understand the obligations set forth for access to this site and any events I attend which are organized by Big O Events or its agents.