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Q: What can I expect at the party?

A: The party in the main ballroom is like any nightclub you would walk into.  EXCEPT that our guests are not judgmental about your personal sexual choices.  You can feel liberated to share your fantasies without ridicule.  There is no nudity permitted outside of your hotel room. 


Q:  Will I feel pressured to do things I don't feel ready to do yet?

A:  Around here No, means No.  If at anytime you do not feel comfortable or feel that another member is not respecting your wishes, please notify any of the check in representatives, we are always here to help you.


Q: Are single men allowed to attend the party?

A: Yes, but the number of single men allowed is limited to about 10% of total attendance.


Q: I have friends who are curious about the lifestyle; can they attend if they are not signed up on a site yet?

A: Yes you may bring a friend not currently on a site.  They must enter with you.  You will be responsible for their comfort and actions.  If they do not act within accordance with the rules it could affect your future privileges to attend the parties. 





Q:   Do I have to dress in theme to attend a party?

A:   Dressing in theme is not mandatory, but you will have more fun if you do.


Q: How sexy can I dress?

A: Be as bare as you dare.  Please be aware that at times there are other guests sharing the hotel.  In public areas cover up with a jacket or wrap if the outfit you have on would not pass your kids/parents approval.